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    Buying and Selling takes a team of people working hard in your corner to ensure a smooth transaction. Lead with passion, a listening ear, and an unwavering drive - our solutions based foundation is your first step towards success!
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    Backed by the NUMBER ONE Dominion Lending Centre in all of CANADA, our team has the resources, knowledge, and extensive experience to find the RIGHT mortgage solution for you!
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    Information is the first step towards your next move! Questions? Simply reach out to find out the latest market information, trends, and so on!
CIR Realty
Why CIR Realty?
Established in 1983, CIR Realty is the largest independent Real Estate Brokerage in Alberta.  The unique connection and collaboration between the agents allow for EVEN MORE marketing of your home.

CIR Realty is dedicated towards agent success and is consistently providing industry training for its professionals.  The correlation between highly effective management and team success is synonamous with one another.   CIR Realty continues to shine with success in Alberta as the provinces largest independent brokerage!
Dan "the man" is an experienced, hard-working, truly professional
realtor. Dan helped us in so many ways when we sold our home, and when
we purchased a new home. As a realtor he always put us, his clients
first. He was very accommodating and was only ever looking out for our
best interest. If you want an experienced realtor, look no further than
Dan Mass.
Jennifer Bartsch Maki
When buying a home, there are many factors to take into account.  I can walk you through all important elements to ensure that your home purchase is one of the best experiences you could hope for!
With market changes as a constant, selling your home will take a Realtor partner who continually studies the market variables and supports your bottom line.  An initial consultation is where it starts... Let's talk today!